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Ingredients:  Green tea infusion (filtered water, green tea 2%), Cane sugar, Peach Syrup 2%, Kombucha culture

Nutritions in 100 g product:
Energy kJ/kcal - 86 kJ/21 kcal
Fats - 0,20g
- of which saturated fatty acids – 0,12g
Carbohydrates – 4,6 g
- of which sugars – 4,31g
Proteins – 0,11 g
Salt* – 0,06g
Naturally fermented product. May contain alcohol
*The salt content is exclusively due to the naturally occurring sodium in the drink

Net weight: 330 ml
Gross weight: 385 g

Storage before & after opening: In dry & cool place
Shelf life: 12 months

VitaOrganic Kombucha Peach Specification


Advantages: Kombucha is a live, 100% natural beverage, naturally rich in essential acids, active enzymes,probiotic bacteria and yeast, as well as vitamins of group. "B" and "C".Free from: GMO, Lactose, Gluten, Cholesterol & Preservatives. Vegan/Vegetarian. Organic.


What is Kombucha?




Kombucha is a living symbiotic colony of yeast and beneficial bacteria. The culture develops in tea infusion and turns sugar into organic acids and carbon dioxide through natural fermentation. At the same time, it produces a wide variety of other compounds which are detoxifying and nourishing to the human body, including gluconic, lactic and folic acid. The resulting mixture is with high content of B vitamins and a wide range of probiotics (beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus and s. Boulardii).


Kombucha is a fermented tea, an ancient elixir used for thousands of years. The most common benefits, attributed to Kombucha, include improved digestion, increased energy and clear mind.


Kombucha is more than just a drink. Its unique flavor is a delight, and its natural carbonation tickles your throat, pointing out that something magical happens. The origins of Kombucha are coming far from centuries. In 250 BC, people of the Yuan dynasty in China consumed a drink from fermented tea. They called it “elixir of immortality”. Several centuries later, in Russia, it was known as “tea kvass”, in Austria it was called “kombuher” and in America – Kombucha, but to many people it was actually known simply as “Mushroom of Monchuria”. Regardless of where you meet it, its name can be translated as “miracle mushroom”. And Kombucha translated from Japanese means tea (cha) from seaweed (kombu).


According to a formula, which is transmitted from generation to generation, the tea ferments to create a naturally carbonated elixir designed to recover health, extend longevity and clearing mind.




Kombucha tea has been used for more than 2000 years. It has been extensively studied and applied in several medical directions in Russia, Germany, China, and many other places. This tea is naturally carbonated and has many therapeutic properties, including:


* Probiotics – healthy bacteria;

* Alkalizes the body – balances internal pH;

* Detoxifies the liver /happy liver = happy mood/;

* Purifies and regenerates the gallbladder and kidneys;

* Improves metabolism;

* Improves digestion;

* Recovers the connective tissue – helps with arthritis, gout, asthma, rheumatism;

* Relieve constipation;

* Boost of energy – helps with chronic fatigue;

* Regulates blood pressure;

* Relieves headaches and migraines;

* Helps with the clearance of kidney stones;

* Has high content of antioxidants – they destroy free radicals that cause cancer;

* Has high content of polyphenols;

* Improves eyesight;

* Shall applied topically for eczema and helps softening the skin;

* Prevent atherosclerosis;

* Accelerates healing of ulcers – kills H. pylori upon contact;

* Helps to fight Candida and yeast infections;

* Contributes to healthy cell regeneration;

* Reduces glucose levels.


Simply stated, Kombucha is an all-natural healthy drink, with extremely high levels of probiotics and other healthy amino acids. “Probiotic” literally means “for life”. Unlike antibiotics, which kill all bacteria in your body, including useful, probiotics can regenerate the “natural ecology of the intestinal flora”. Probiotics contribute to boost immunity, improve mood, fight allergies, detoxify our body and fight disease. However, Kombucha is not a panacea! It brings balance to our body so it can heal itself naturally. It is able to do so much because it works with the immune system of your body.



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