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“VitaOrganic” brand is founded with the main idea to produce and offer healthy, dietary and in the same time delicious foods. The food we consume is a reflection of our self confidence and the care for our families, relatives and friends. In order of this we offer food products, manufactured by ecologically pure ingredients without genetically modified organisms, no added preservatives and contains natural and healthy for the body vegetable proteins, unsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals and microelements.


Our slogan is “Healthy food - healthy body”. All products with trademark “VitaOrganic” are always connected with high quality and correctness by our clients and partners. Going ahead of the market tendencies we are developing unique and innovative products that found their market place on the international market and have been positively evaluated by consumers and traders. The reason of this is our young and dynamic team of excellent professionals in all spheres of production, trade and management. “VitaOrganic” is always trying to offer the best products on the market. In connection of this we have started to develop organic products to answer to the needs of even most pretentious customers in a range that will diversify everybody’s dish! When you buy the products with the trademark “VitaOrganic” you buy not only delicious dietary food, but you preserve and gift your body with health.


We look for suitable partners around  the world – importers and distributors  of food items and preferably in the  sphere of healthy and organic foods. We  select markets carefully and target them according possible sales and our possibilities to cover the demand. We connect with the best potential  partners on each market to check if  there is an interest for cooperation.  We study the local market structure in order to build the right market strategy. We work closely with our partners in  order to execute the best market  practices for each market connected with “VitaOrganic” products.


We continuously look after to improve the brand performance on every particular market. We measure the performance with similar food products on each market and with similar markets where we operate in order to optimize cash flows and build strong and recognizable brand. In case of interest, please do not bother to contact us!



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